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4.5 Music Screen content and Images Copyright

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4.5 Copyright Related to Music, Screen Content and Images Found in Digital Media and on the Internet

Music and images in digital media and on the internet are subject to copyright and require permission for their use, unless there is a clear statement by their creator that they are copyright-free.

Any 'substantial portion' of a work, that is a portion of a work that is instantly recognisable, requires copyright permission if that portion is not used for study or review purposes. Even a tiny portion may be instantly recognisable and would in that case be regarded as a 'substantial' extract requiring copyright permission.

There are four rights associated with music:

  • reproduction right
  • communication right
  • performance right
  • mechanical right.

To find information about music performance rights, go to APRA- Australasian Performing Right Association

To find information about using music for advertisements, go to AMCOS - Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners' Society

Q: How do you get copyright permission for music?


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