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1.6 What are the consequences of cheating in the HSC?

The consequences of cheating could be that:

  • you receive zero marks for an assessment task
  • you have an HSC course withheld
  • you are deemed ineligible for the award of the HSC
  • your school imposes additional sanctions, eg withholding your reference.

How can the HSC: All My Own Work program help you to be an honest and ethical scholar?

Acknowledging sources
Find out how and when to do this correctly in Module 2.

Find out about it in Module 3, especially about how to avoid it and make sure you do the right thing.

You need to understand the basics about copyright and how it applies to your HSC assessment work - see Module 4.

Working with others
This is a tricky area. Module 5 helps you understand what is appropriate and what is not. A very important module.

Make sure that the work you hand in for your HSC is all your own work. Download a PDF print version of the Find-A-Word Quiz for this screen.

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