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HSC results services for schools

Principals and delegates can access their student HSC results on results day via their Schools Online

The NSW Education Standards Authority also provides the following services for Principals and teachers.

Results Analysis Package (principals and teachers only)

How did your students perform in the HSC? Find out using RAP’s new question-by-question analysis feature.

The package:

  • allows teachers to identify their students’ strengths and weaknesses and to target areas for further development in their teaching and learning.
  • enables teachers to compare their school's performance in a course to the performance of the whole state candidature on a whole course mark or performance band basis, and on a question-by-question basis (called the Item Analysis).
  • includes significant updated help support documentation. More help is provided under hyperlinks to offer teaching and learning advice.

What do I do if I can’t see the Results Analysis Package on Schools Online?

Your principal (or delegate) needs to give you access to the RAP functions through Work with Staff Profiles on Schools Online.

What do I do if I can’t see all the RAP functions?

Check your principal (or delegate) has given you access to all the RAP functions. Please contact your principal (or delegate) to upgrade your access. 

What do I do if I can’t see the current year’s data?

RAP data is available on the day of HSC results release. If the most current HSC cohort’s data is not available it usually means that the subscription payment has not been received. Contact for more information. Please use the subject field ‘RAP subscription’.

What do I do if I want to understand more about the RAP functions?

There is a four-minute training program on Schools Online >Memos and Documents that outlines the main RAP functions. There you will also find a Work with Student Groups PowerPoint that demonstrates the use of that function. Your principal (or delegate) can give you access to this function. If you need further assistance, contact with contact details.

Anomalous Results Inquiries (principals only)

Principals may seek an explanation of a student’s results or the school’s candidature in any HSC course where the performance of a student or group is below expectations. This service closes on the last working day in February. Each inquiry is thoroughly investigated by NESA officers and, where appropriate, supervisors of marking. The inquiry does not involve the re-marking of any examinations, nor is it an avenue for appeal.

Principals should complete the following steps before commencing an Anomalous Result Inquiry (ARI):

  1. If the ARI involves an individual student, it is best practice to first contact the student to determine if they encountered any issues in the examination.
  2. If the ARI involves a group of students, first review their results using the Results Analysis Package (RAP) to try and find an explanation for the results. The item analysis function can help to identify which question the students did not answer as expected. For assistance in interpreting RAP, contact the Quality in Credentialling Unit on 9367 8218.
  3. If the ARI involves a moderation issue, consider the following information:

 For assistance in interpreting moderation issues, contact the Quality in Credentialling Unit on 9367 8218.

If the results still appear anomalous, principals may email an inquiry to: Include relevant student names and numbers and the reason for the inquiry.

More results information

See services for students and when results are released.