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Updating the curriculum

It’s time the Higher School Certificate (HSC) was updated to provide more opportunities for students to master relevant knowledge and skills.

The HSC is not the only education system being redesigned. High-performing school systems (such as Shanghai, Ontario, Singapore and Hong Kong) are also redesigning their curriculum to allow students to develop mastery of knowledge and skills in a subject.

When will the new syllabuses begin?

Year 11 students of 2018 will begin their senior secondary studies with the new syllabuses in English, Mathematics, Science and History. Year 12 students in 2019 will be the first to complete HSC examinations using these revised syllabuses.

This means schools and teachers will have 2017 to familiarise themselves with the new content and plan lessons before implementation in 2018.

Download our PowerPoint presentation introducing the new NSW Stage 6 Syllabuses for English, Mathematics, Science and History.

What’s involved in rolling out the new syllabuses?

Introducing new syllabuses in English, Mathematics, Science and History for Years 11 and 12 students will require careful planning for everyone involved in secondary school education.

The 70,000+ students who complete the HSC every year must study English so changes to the English syllabus content and assessment alone will have a big impact.

What will the new syllabuses focus on?

The principles applying to English, Mathematics, Science and History will apply in renewing the remaining syllabuses.

These include:

  • A focus on ‘depth’ of content studied rather than ‘breadth’ of topics covered.
  • Online syllabuses, rather than static, paper copies as online can be more easily updated.
  • Interactive e-syllabus linking new courses to teaching and assessment resources, such as sample teaching units and assessment tasks.

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