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Contribute to the teacher accreditation process

NSW teachers and education professionals play an important and active role in helping the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) support and promote quality teaching in the state. NESA offers a range of ways teachers can contribute to the teacher accreditation process.

External Observers (EOs) independently review the classroom practice of other teachers, who are applying for Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher Accreditation. EOs are highly-skilled accredited teachers who receive specialised training and have the opportunity to observe candidates teaching.

Become an External Observer

Accreditation panels review teaching programs submitted for accreditation by universities and other higher education institutes. Becoming involved in an accreditation panel is an excellent way to develop high-level program analysis skills and play a role in preparing future teachers for the classroom. Accredited teachers, teacher educators, school executive staff and principals are encouraged to apply.

Join an accreditation panel

Become an External Observer

External Observers (EOs) play a crucial role in the accreditation of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers by independently reviewing a candidate’s practice. EOs are highly-skilled accredited teachers who receive specialised training and have the opportunity to observe a candidate’s teaching.

  • EOs have a broad understanding, knowledge and experience in pedagogy and classroom practice with a teaching background similar to the candidate’s
  • EOs come from the same school sector, but not the same school, as the candidate
  • EOs are granted teacher relief/release and travel and accommodation costs (if needed) for training and the external observation.

What does an EO do?

An EO spends a school day observing the practice of a teacher seeking Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation or Lead Teacher Accreditation. The EO then writes a report which forms part of the applicant’s accreditation submission.

Application criteria

  • Recent, successful experience in supporting and mentoring teachers
  • In-depth understanding and knowledge of own subject/Key Learning Area (KLA) content
  • Excellent communication skills with experience in giving constructive and honest feedback
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Proven record of excellent pedagogy and classroom practice
  • Sound knowledge of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the role they play in the accreditation process
  • Current or very recent teaching experience
  • Accreditation at Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher level (desirable)

How to become an EO

We advertise opportunities to become an EO on this website when specific expertise is needed. There are no current opportunities to become an EO.

When advertised, teachers can apply in writing by responding to the selection criteria above. If successful, teachers complete specialised training before they start observing.

More information

Email or call the Teaching Standards team on 1300 739 338 (within Australia).

Join an accreditation panel 

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