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Aboriginal education

The Aboriginal Education Contexts site showcases examples of school-developed context-based teaching and learning projects collaboratively developed by teachers, Aboriginal education workers and local community members.

The materials show the educational and cultural journeys of teachers, students and community members in a range of schools and communities in rural and urban areas. Where possible these are recounted through video, audio, digital images and work samples.

The site also provides examples of processes that teachers might use to develop contextual classroom teaching units that connect learning outcomes and content with the needs and interests of students.

Schools and communities are encouraged to work with the materials and use them as a guide for their engagement with the task of improving the educational outcomes of Aboriginal students.

The Aboriginal Education Contexts website includes:

For enquiries about syllabuses and school-based assessment in Aboriginal Education K–12:
Phone: +61 2 9367 8198
Fax: +61 2 9367 8476

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