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Collaborative curriculum planning

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Collaborative curriculum planning

Collaborative curriculum planning is the process to determine the most appropriate curriculum options and adjustments for a student with special education needs.

This usually involves a team who have significant knowledge and understanding of the student. The team comprises parents/carers, teachers and other significant individuals in the student’s life. It also includes the student themselves.

During the collaborative planning process, it is important to consider:

  • the needs, strengths, goals, interests and prior learning of the student as they transition through stages of schooling
  • whether adjustments are needed for teaching, learning and assessment in relation to each subject
  • the sequence and emphasis to be given to particular areas of syllabus content
  • how the student will demonstrate achievement of outcomes and the method of reporting.

Through the collaborative curriculum planning process, the following can be determined:

  • Outcomes and content most appropriate for the student in each key learning area. For example, it may be more appropriate for a Stage 2 student to work on one or more Stage 1 outcomes in the English KLA. Or, a student in Stage 4 may work on one or more Stage 3 outcomes in the Mathematics KLA. It is important to ensure age-appropriate content addresses the outcomes of earlier stages.
  • Adjustments or support required for particular teaching, learning and assessment opportunities. For example, scaffolds or visual organisers may be needed to supplement multi-step or complex instructions.
  • Learning goals for the student. For example, incorporating communication goals into a problem-solving task in a Mathematics lesson.
  • Pattern of study most appropriate for the student. For example, selecting a combination of regular and Life Skills courses (Years 7–12).

Make decisions about the most inclusive curriculum options for a student with special education needs using the following diagrams. Click on a diagram to open a PDF version to save and print.

Collaborative planning process for Early Stage 1 to Stage 3

Collaborative planning process for Stages 4 to 5

Collaborative planning process for Stage 6

School systems and individual schools are responsible for managing the collaborative process. Schools may also find the advice on planning for effective learning and assessment helpful during this process.

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