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Personal Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) K–6 Syllabus

PDHPE K–6 Syllabus PDF – 60 pages – 1MB

Includes Stage statements and time allocation

Published March 2007, Updated 2014

K–6 PDHPE Syllabus – Principal's Package PDF – 17 pages – 410KB – Published September 1999


Parents Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses introduces the PDHPE syllabus to parents and community members.

PDHPE Resource List – Published February 2000


Includes sections on meeting the needs of all PDHPE learners, the nature of the learning environment, school planning, the syllabus modules and student work samples

PDHPE Modules PDF - 286 pages - 2.1MB – Published September 1999

Support Document for Students with Special Education Needs

Contains programming advice and ten case studies.

PDHPE Special Education support PDF - 61 pages - 312KB – Published September 1999

Complementary Content