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Curriculum development

The NSW Education Standards Authority is responsible for developing syllabuses to be taught in New South Wales schools, from Kindergarten through to Year 12. We are also responsible for the endorsement of courses not developed by NESA, including VET and school and university developed courses, and equivalent and alternative courses of study in schools. 

We are committed to a syllabus development process that provides opportunities for consultation, establishes achievable timelines and ensures quality syllabuses.

Current curriculum projects:

Decisions about implementation of new syllabuses will only occur after extensive consultation.

Syllabus development

The syllabus development process, using a project management approach, involves four phases: syllabus review, writing brief development, syllabus development, and implementation.
Read more about the syllabus development process.

School Developed Board Endorsed Courses

A School Developed Board Endorsed Course (SDBEC) is any course not developed by Education Standards that is submitted to us for endorsement in Stage 5 for RoSA or in Stage 6 as Preliminary or HSC units. SDBECs may be endorsed for a maximum of 4 years.

VET Board Endorsed Courses

Schools/colleges wishing to offer an AQF VET qualification for Stage 5 which has not yet been endorsed need to apply for endorsement of a course.

See the Guidelines for Stage 5 and 6 Board Endorsed VET courses.

Equivalent and Alternative Courses of Study

For the significant majority of students the most appropriate pathway is to remain at school to complete Year 10. However, for a very small number of students exceptional circumstances may require them to access flexible options.