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NAPLAN online

NAPLAN tests will move from pen and paper to online testing from 2018, with full participation by all Australian schools by 2019.

In 2017 NSW will conduct NAPLAN as a pen and paper test and later in the year start to prepare our schools for the transition to NAPLAN online.

Moving NAPLAN online will have a wide range of benefits for our students and teachers, including reduced time between testing and reporting, and a tailored test design that targets questions to student ability and improves the precision of the assessment.

A major activity is NSW schools’ participation in an online practice run, known as the readiness test, in August and September.

Schools will be provided soon with details about the readiness test and support and training that will be available.

A final decision about when to transition to NAPLAN online for NSW will be made after the August and September readiness test.

Schools and parents wanting to know more can review ACARA’s transition research and development program and other key national information about NAPLAN Online or download our fact sheet with FAQs.

A public demonstration site of the online assessment platform is available to schools, students and the community via the ACARA website.  It contains sample questions covering all test domains and NAPLAN year levels. It provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with the question types and format of the online tests and schools to assess the technical requirements for delivering NAPLAN Online.

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