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Home schooling consultative group meeting

Wednesday, 20 January 2016, 2.00 pm

BOSTES Boardroom, Level 7 117 Clarence Street, Sydney


  1. Introduction
  2. Terms of Reference
  3. Provisions relating to members and procedures of the Home Schooling Consultative Group (paper attached)
  4. Issues for discussion in 2016
  5. Research paper into academic outcomes of home schooling (paper attached)
  6. Schedule of 2016 meetings
  7. General business


  • David Murphy (Chair)
  • David Roy
  • Don Carter
  • Paul Lennox
  • Gabrielle Oslington
  • Chris Krogh
  • Carmen Smith
  • Emma Vieira
  • Michael Wheeler

In attendance:

  • Bronwyn Hession
  • Mark McCrossin


Present: David Murphy (Chair), Carmen Smith, Emma Vieira, Michael Wheeler, Chris Krogh, David Roy, Don Carter, Paul Lennox, Gabrielle Oslington

In Attendance: Bronwyn Hession, Mark McCrossin

Action Arising

Welcome and introductions


Terms of Reference
Members were referred to the Government’s response to the recommendations from the 2014 Inquiry of the NSW Legislative Committee on Home Schooling (‘the Inquiry’) including the terms of reference for the Home Schooling Consultative Group (‘the HSCG’).


Provisions relating to members and procedures of the Home Schooling Consultative Group
Reference was made to the Provisions relating to Members and Procedures of the Home Schooling Consultative Group document.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct for BOSTES Employees document was distributed to members.


Issues for discussion in 2016
It was noted that the role of the HSCG as described in the terms of reference did not exclude other avenues of consultation with the home schooling community.

It was agreed that initial priorities of the work of the HSCG would be those recommendations from the Inquiry which were endorsed by the NSW Government. Subsequent to this, issues raised in the other recommendations may be explored if time and resources permit.

Other matters raised in the discussion included:

  • communication/collaboration strategy to facilitate communication between members of the HSCG, and between the HSCG and the wider home schooling community
  • consultation in relation to the revision of the Registration for Home Schooling in NSW - Information Package is a priority for the HSCG, to be finalised by December 2016
  • the statutory context of home schooling registration and the Information Package
  • support for children with special needs
  • recognition of concerns of unregistered home schoolers and exploring ways to address these
  • the Ombudsman’s review of home schooling
  • inclusion of ‘the voice of the child’, and the perspectives of Authorised Persons in HSCG deliberations.

The BOSTES will draft a communication/collaboration strategy for HSCG members, including contact email addresses.

The BOSTES will prepare a proposed 2016 work program for consideration of the HSCG at its next meeting.


Research paper into academic outcomes of home schooling
Members noted the impact of the paucity of data on any conclusions that might be drawn as a result of the research.

The BOSTES intends to conduct further research into home schooling and will seek the advice of the HSCG in the framing and outsourcing this work, including identifying ways of engaging the broader home schooling community.

The BOSTES will present aggregated home schooling profile data at the next meeting of the HSCG.

Members were invited to put forward suggestions for research proposals relevant to the HSCG’s terms of reference.


Schedule of 2016 meetings
There will be four meetings per year. In addition, the may be some ‘out of session’ work.

The BOSTES will confirm 2016 meeting dates with members.


General business
The agenda for the next meeting of the HSCG will include:

  • a 2016 work program for revising the Information Package
  • home schooling profile data
  • communication/collaboration strategy.

The BOSTES will facilitate the exchange of contact details of HSCG members as confirmed with individual members.


Meeting close



Next meeting of the HSCG is Friday 8 April 2016

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