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Home schooling consultative group meeting

Friday, 2 December 2016, 2pm

BOSTES Boardroom, Level 7 117 Clarence Street, Sydney


  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the HSCG meeting on 14 October 2016
  2. Data relating to home schooling registration (to be tabled)
  3. Phase 4 of the Consultation Process  
  4. HSCG meetings for 2017
  5. HSCG Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  6. General Business


  • David Murphy (Chair)
  • Chris Krogh
  • Carmen Smith
  • Emma Vieira
  • Michael Wheeler
  • Gabrielle Oslington
  • David Roy
  • Don Carter
  • Robyn Bale

In attendance:

  • Bronwyn Hession
  • Mark McCrossin


Present: David Murphy (Chair), Chris Krogh, Carmen Smith, Michael Wheeler, Gabrielle Oslington, Robyn Bale

Apologies: Don Carter, Emma Vieira, David Roy

In Attendance: Bronwyn Hession, Mark McCrossin, Trish Ladogna

Action Arising


Matters arising from the minutes of 14 October 2016

The minutes of the 14 October meeting were confirmed out of session and have been published on the HSCG webpage.



Data relating to home schooling registration

Data relating to the periods of initial and renewed home schooling registration, as at 30 June 2014 to 30 June 2016, and withdrawal and refusal data, from January to May 2016, was tabled at the meeting.

The data supplements the earlier data reports published on the home schooling website: with the view for the data to be updated at 6 monthly intervals.

The criteria for initial and renewed periods of registration is contained in the Registration for Home Schooling in NSW – Information Package on the home schooling website.

The data report on the home schooling website to be supplemented with the new data and updated for the period from 1 July to 31 December 2016.


Phase 4 of the Consultation Process

The revision of the 2013 Registration for Home Schooling in NSW – Information Package (IP) is progressing according to Phase 3 of the Revised Consultation Process and Schedule as published on the home schooling website at

The draft IP will be published on the home schooling website for consultation by way of an online survey and stakeholder meetings in February and March 2017.

The feedback from those who attended the Phase 1 consultation meetings has been considered in determining places and venues that are convenient for the stakeholder meetings.

It is anticipated that the finalised IP will be published before or during May 2017.

A member suggested that the BOSTES establish a register of parents who want to receive updates about the consultation by way of email. It was agreed to consider this suggestion at a future HSCG meeting noting that the BOSTES did not collect email addresses, or other contact details, from participants during the 2016 stakeholder meetings.

The draft IP to be sent to members of the HSCG prior to publication on the home schooling website for consultation.

The issue of communication with stakeholders to be added to the agenda for a future HSCG meeting.


HSCG meetings for 2017

Proposed meeting dates were tabled for 2017.

HSCG members to consider the proposed dates and email any comments to Mark McCrossin at <> by the close of business on Friday 23 December 2016.


HSCG Self-Assessment Questionnaire

HSCG members are invited to complete an anonymous self-assessment questionnaire with regard to the HSCG meetings held during 2016.

Results will be averaged to establish common themes which will assist in evaluating the current processes of the HSCG.

The feedback will be used to inform possible changes for 2017 meetings as relevant to the Terms of Reference for the HSCG.

HSCG members to return the questionnaire to Mark McCrossin at <> by the close of business on Friday 23 December 2016.

Collated results will be tabled at the first meeting of the HSCG in 2017.


General Business

6.1 A member of the HSCG raised two matters based on a letter members received from the Home Education Association (‘the HEA’):

(i) The first matter relates to a request for more detail to be contained in the minutes of HSCG meetings.

(ii) The second matter sought clarification regarding the input of the HSCG into the selection criteria and recruitment of new Authorised Persons (APs).

6.2 ‘Smart and Skilled’ for home schooled children:

A fact sheet ‘Smart and Skilled’ from the NSW Department of Industry was tabled regarding a government subsidised vocational education and training program that has been extended to registered home schooled students, over 15 years old, who meet the Smart and Skilled eligibility criteria.

Information has been placed on the home schooling webpage: with contact details for home schooling parents who wish to seek further information from the Department of Industry.

6.3 Part-time enrolment in government schools:

A member of the HSCG asked for an update in relation to the recommendation of the Inquiry of the NSW Legislative Council Select Committee on Home Schooling that consideration be given to part-time enrolment in government schools.

It was reported that the Department of Education is considering this issue and plans to provide a response in 2017.


(i) Consideration be given to the provision of more detail in the minutes acknowledging the importance of not attributing the discussion to any particular member of the HSCG.

(ii) A future HSCG agenda to include the AP recruitment process.

6.2 Noted

6.3 Noted

The meeting concluded at 3pm.

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