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Administering accreditation

Teachers are responsible for initiating and managing their accreditation across the career stages. Teacher Accreditation Authorities (TAAs), school principals, supervisors, and professional development (PD) delegates have important roles in administering the accreditation process, including its maintenance. As administrators, your ongoing support and involvement is vital to a teacher’s professional development and career progress. 

The NSW teacher accreditation process along with its ongoing maintenance, involve:

  • TAAs and TAA (A/L)
  • School principals
  • Supervisors
  • Professional development delegates (PD delegates)

Teacher Accreditation Authorities (TAAs and TAA (A/L))

TAAs are responsible for accrediting teachers using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. TAAs accredit teachers at the level of Proficient Teacher and decide whether a teacher continues to maintain their Proficient Teacher accreditation.

A separate category of TAAs known as TAAs (A/L), exist for making accreditation decisions at the voluntary higher levels of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher.

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New regulatory process for approving TAAs

From 1 January 2016, NSW Education Standards Authority introduced a new regulatory framework for approving TAAs for non-government schools and early childhood education centres to make accreditation decisions at Proficient Teacher level.

The provisions of the Authority's Guidelines for the Regulation of Teacher Accreditation Authorities for Non-government Schools and Early Childhood Education Centres apply from 1 January 2016. In the event of any differences existing between the TAA Guidelines and information published within the Teacher Accreditation area on the Authoity's website, the provisions of the TAA Guidelines will apply.

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School principals and supervisors

School principals and senior staff, who hold supervisory positions, have key responsibilities to support teachers at all stages throughout their career-long accreditation journey.  As a principal or supervising teacher, this can involve:

  • understanding your staff’s accreditation requirements and facilitating the process
  • supervising new and returning teachers to progress from Provisional or Conditional accreditation to Proficient teacher level
  • writing a teacher’s Accreditation Report when you feel that teacher’s practice is at the Proficient Teacher level
  • assisting teachers maintain their accreditation by supporting, monitoring and reporting on the completion of professional development activities
  • providing support to teachers seeking to progress professionally and considering or applying for higher levels of teacher accreditation.

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The role of PD delegates

School principals can nominate a staff member known as a Professional Development delegate (PD delegate) to help plan and validate PD for staff maintaining accreditation.

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Get your school endorsed as a PD provider

The process for getting PD provider endorsement is different for government, Catholic or independent schools. A new trial is underway that will allow schools to apply to become endorsed providers with the NSW Education Standards Authority. This will help recognise training and PD that is being run by the school, and support teachers to complete the Authority's Registered PD hours necessary to maintain their accreditation.

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