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Responsibilities when employing teachers

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Responsibilities when employing teachers

Teachers starting or returning to teaching in a NSW school must be provisionally or conditionally accredited with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). It is important that as a school principal you understand your teaching staff’s accreditation needs, and the role you play in facilitating the process. It is very important that all teachers working in your school have been correctly accredited with NESA.

Employing new teachers at your school

  • Make sure returning teachers have updated their online account or created a new account and are linked to your school.

Teacher not accredited?

  1. Evidence of accreditation should be submitted with their job application.
  2. When you offer a teacher a permanent or casual position advise them that they need to be provisionally or conditionally accredited by NESA (unless they have been teaching in NSW since before 1 October 2004).
  3. Teachers are granted eitherProvisional or Conditional Accreditationdepending on their academic qualifications.
  4. It is important that new teachers understand the accreditation process. Read more about how accreditation works and getting accreditation for the first time.

If the teacher is already accredited

  • Discuss next steps in the accreditation process.
  • NESA Registered PD courses are listed in the online account tool. Find a PD course

Can’t find a teacher’s name?

  • If the teacher does not appear in the online account tool it might mean they have taught in NSW since before 1 October 2004 and have not had a break from teaching. In this case they are not required to be accredited.
  • If the teacher started teaching on or after 1 October 2004 or had a break from teaching of five years or more, you must get them to create an online account with NESA so you can process their accreditation. They must apply for accreditation and specific advice on the subjects they would be approved to teach on appointment to a permanent position in a NSW public school.
  • If the teacher’s accreditation status indicates that they are currently on an approved leave of absence they will need to reactivate their accreditation. Please refer them to information on leave of absence.

Next step

Once provisionally or conditionally accredited, discuss the next steps for accreditation at Proficient Teacher with the teacher.

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