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Who is my TAA

TAAs are generally either principals or nominated individuals who are responsible for large groups of schools. New TAAs need to lodge an authority document with NSW Education Standards Authority ( NESA, previously BOSTES).

Who undertakes the TAA role for my school?

  • Department of Education schools – your principal
  • Catholic systemic schools - an officer appointed by the Diocese
  • Independent schools – your principal

What do TAAs do?

TAAs are responsible for ensuring that new or returning teachers employed under their jurisdiction are appropriately accredited. Teachers who have worked in a NSW school since before 1 October 2004, and have not had a break from teaching of more than 5 years, do not currently need to be accredited. Accreditation will be mandatory for all NSW school and early childhood teachers in the future. This requirement will be rolled out over the next three years with a focus, during 2015, on consultation and planning with key stakeholders.

What are TAAs (A/L)?

A separate category of TAAs, known as TAAs (A/L) are responsible for making accreditation decisions at the voluntary higher levels of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher .To ensure consistency, TAAs (A/L) are responsible for determining decisions across a minimum of 20 schools (including at least 10 schools with 200 students or more). The schools also need to reflect a range of contexts, including at least one primary (K-6) and at least one secondary school (7-10 or 7-12).

New TAAs (A/L) need to attend an information session with NESA before making accreditation decisions.

Who undertakes the TAA (A/L) role for my school?

The following are authorised in this role:

  • Department of Education schools - your Executive Director
  • Catholic-systemic schools - the Executive Director or Director of your Diocese
  • Seventh-Day Adventist Schools (greater Sydney) Ltd - the Director / Company Secretary
  • Association of Independent Schools NSW - the Executive Director

What is the role of the NESA (previously BOSTES)?

NESA oversees the NSW system of teacher accreditation against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. This includes monitoring the quality of TAA accreditation decisions across all schools in NSW. All Proficient Teacher Accreditation decisions are reviewed by an External Assessor to ensure quality and consistency between TAAs across NSW.

For higher-level accreditation decisions, NESA convenes a Moderating and Consistency Committee to review applications and make recommendations to individual TAAs (A/L).

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