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Revocation and suspension: Information for TAAs and employers

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Revocation and suspension: Information for TAAs and employers

The Interim Revocation, Suspension and Voluntary Cancellation of Accreditation Policy (PDF 350 KB) enables NESA to make decisions to revoke or suspend a teacher’s accreditation.

In addition to all NSW accredited teachers, the policy applies to:

TAAs must notify NESA

Under the policy, TAAs and employers are obliged to notify NESA if they believe a teacher for whom they have responsibility has breached a relevant section of the Act.

The notification should include:

  • the employment and accreditation details of the teacher
  • advice about the potential breach of the Act including reference to the relevant section/s of the Act.

Refusing to accredit a school teacher at Proficient Teacher

A TAA can only make the decision to refuse to accredit a teacher at Proficient Teacher if:

  • the teacher has been employed for a sufficient period of time to demonstrate all Standard Descriptors at Proficient Teacher
  • the teacher has completed a ‘block of teaching’ as described in the Policy for Accreditation at Proficient Teacher (PDF 405 KB), and
  • the TAA has made contact with any other relevant TAAs in order to make an informed accreditation decision.

TAAs can refuse to accredit where a teacher has not demonstrated their teaching practice meets the requirements of the APST Standards at the level of Proficient Teacher.

TAAs can refuse to accredit if:

  • the teacher was supervised and observed adequately throughout their accreditation, and
  • the teacher was provided with suitable feedback and support (in accordance with their TAA internal policy), and
  • the teacher was advised of the Standard Descriptors they are not meeting and provided sufficient support to address the standard descriptors, and
  • the teacher was provided with written notice giving 30 days warning of a decision to refuse to accredit.

The TAA must advise NESA within 21 days of making the decision to refuse to accredit the teacher. This advice will follow the 30 days warning provided to the teacher.

Maintenance of accreditation

Where a teacher fails to meet maintenance of accreditation requirements within their timeframe, the TAA must:

  • inform the teacher within 14 days after the expiry of their current maintenance period that their maintenance is overdue
  • provide 60 days for all maintenance requirements to be completed.

If the teacher fails to meet the requirements within 60 days the TAA must refer the matter to NESA for consideration.

Refusal to accredit an early childhood teacher at Proficient Teacher

NESA is the TAA for early childhood teachers unless another TAA has been approved. Employers of early childhood teachers should alert NESA if they believe a teacher may not meet the requirements for accreditation at Proficient Teacher within the timeframe (five years for full-time and seven years for part-time/casual teachers).

NESA will provide staff to assist the teacher and it will be responsible for making any decision to refuse to accredit.

More information

More informationon the steps and processes established to deal with suspension and revocation of teacher accreditation.

If you have any questions please contact us by email at or phone 1300 739 338.

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