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Get teaching programs accredited

To help future NSW teachers develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and values needed to improve student outcomes, all initial teacher education programs must undergo a rigorous assessment process overseen by NESA (previously BOSTES) and with approval by the Minister for Education. Accreditation is for up to five years and guarantees all graduates of accredited programs, are eligible for Provisional Accreditation to teach in NSW schools.

The development and design of an initial teacher education program is a comprehensive process requiring a considerable amount of time and expertise. All programs submitted for accreditation need to meet a range of requirements including:

How to prepare program(s) for submission

There are steps to follow in preparing programs for submission. ITE providers are expected to have initial discussions and ongoing contact with the NESA ITE team about the proposed introduction of a new or amended program. There are reference resources available to guide this process.

Read the steps for preparing your submission.

How to submit a program(s) for accreditation

NESA suggests that providers submit applications for program accreditation at least 8 months before the planned delivery of a new program or expiry of the program’s existing accreditation.

See how to submit a program.

Accreditation Panels

Accreditation Panels assess all initial teacher education degrees delivered by NSW providers. Panels are made up of:

  • representatives from the teaching profession, including classroom teachers
  • teacher educators
  • executive teachers and principals.

At least one representative will be from a different state or territory.

Read more about panels and how to join a panel.

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)

AITSL coordinates the nationally agreed Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs in Australia: Standards and Procedures (External PDF) and keeps a national register of all programs accredited across the state jurisdictions.

Visit the AITSL website.

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