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Transition to the revised standards

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Transition process

All NSW providers are to submit an application or applications for all existing nationally accredited programs to Transition to revised Stage 1 national accreditation requirements. Applications are required by 1 May 2017.

Supporting Documents

The following resources will assist you in understanding the Transition Process.


Download and complete the following templates:

Transition application assessment process

Submission Instructions

Applications are required by Monday 1 May 2017

  1. Submit your application(s) electronically to on or before the deadline.
  2. With your first or only email, please indicate how many transition applications you will be submitting. For example, you may group four similar programs into one submission suite or submit an application for different programs separately.
  3. Ensure that each submission is a PDF which includes Templates N1, N2 and 4.
  4. Avoid attaching documents to Templates N1, N2 and N4.
  5. Hyperlinks may be included alongside an explanation of what information may be accessed when going to the linked site. Applications will be reviewed by members of a Transition Panel who should not be expected to search for information at hyperlinked sites.
  6. Remember to provide as much information as you can. Template N2 may include statements of intent, for example in relation to Program Standards 1.2 (Teaching Performance Assessment – for cohorts completing in 2018), 3.2 (non-academic selection criteria), 4.4 (primary specialisations – for cohorts commencing in 2019), 6.4 (annual data reporting – NESA templates are being designed and will be disseminated as soon as possible).


  1. A Transition Panel (comprising experienced accreditation panel members and an independent member from interstate) will receive training from NESA ITE staff.
  2. Transition Panel members will review the applications.
  3. Transition Panel members will be informed by a national ‘Moderation Meeting’ planned by AITSL (date TBC).
  4. Advice from the Transition Panel will be provided to the NESA Initial Teacher Education Committee.


ITE providers will be kept informed of the progress of the review of their application(s).

Complementary Content