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Recording attendance and other obligations

As an endorsed provider of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) registered Professional Development (PD), you must fulfil certain obligations to maintain this endorsement.

Your obligations

  • Comply with endorsement criteria including operating within your scope of endorsement
  • Advertise registered courses in accordance with the NESA Registered Professional Development Promotional Guidelines
  • Log in to your online account and upload courses to the NESA database at least seven days prior to the professional development session
  • Log in to your online account and validate a teacher's attendance at NESA Registered Professional Development within 30 days of the session
  • Participate in monitoring, review and audit activities as requested by NESA
  • Apply for endorsement renewal six months before the endorsement period lapses
  • Tell NESA immediately about any changes made to your status or organisation; eg change of legal entity, partnerships, ABN, CEO etc
  • Maintain a consistent provision of NESA Registered Professional Development across the endorsement period each year
  • Tell NESA immediately about any changes made to your ability or intention to provide registered professional learning
  • Endorsed provider status cannot under any circumstances be sold, bought or transferred.

Tips on how to upload online courses

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Select ‘Add new course’ or if you are adding a session to an existing course select ‘Edit and evaluate exiting course’
  3. Once you have finalised your Course Details click ‘Add Session’ under the ‘Course Sessions’ heading
  4. In the new ‘Session Details’ window click on the magnifying glass icon to search for a nominated location/venue.
  5. If the session is delivered online you will need to add a new location under the ‘locations lookup’ window.

When selecting a location type you should select ‘Online/Internet’ from the ‘location type’ drop down list instead of ‘Addressed based’.

More information

If you are planning on changing the delivery mode of your endorsed NESA Registered courses, please inform NESA.

Please contact the NESA Professional Learning Team if you have any queries regarding changing the mode of delivery of your NESA Registered course:

Call on 02 9367 8291, or email us at with the subject line: Application for NESA Endorsed Provider - Change of Delivery Mode.

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