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Refresher courses

The policy on Endorsement of Refresher Courses (January 2017) outlines the requirements that NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has around registered Refresher courses and the scope of endorsement.

Refresher courses must reflect the current NSW education context for provisional teachers who are:

  • overseas trained, eligible to teach in NSW; or
  • returning to teaching after an absence of five or more years.

Provisional teachers who fit into these two categories must complete 10 hours of Refresher courses in their first year as a Provisional teacher.

Refresher courses must fit into the one or more of the following three categories, and help orientate returning teachers to the NSW teaching and learning context:


For Early Childhood teachers courses relating to the Early Years Learning Framework.

For school teachers courses relating to key learning areas and assessment practices relevant to NSW curriculum and/or NESA syllabuses.


Courses relating to pedagogical knowledge, skills and understanding of teaching strategies that build evidence based practice and impacts effective student learning, development and classroom management

Educational expectations

Courses relating to:

  • the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • system and/or school priorities
  • Legal and Professional requirements: Emergency Response, Child Protection awareness and compliance, First Aid, Code of Conduct, Duty of Care.

Endorsed Providers may wish to nominate any of their NESA Registered courses which they believe are suitable as Refresher courses.

Nominate Refresher courses

A Refresher course must:

  • Be delivered by a NESA endorsed provider;
  • Be a NESA Registered course (the course must be current and be uploaded on the NESA Course Register);
  • Orientate returning teachers or overseas trained teachers to the NSW teaching and learning context; and
  • Fit into at least one of the following 3 categories:
    • Curriculum
    • Pedagogy
    • Educational expectations.

Application Form

Endorsed providers can nominate suitable Refresher courses via the Application for Refresher course nomination form.

If your courses are suitable as Refresher courses for returning teachers or overseas trained teachers, they will be listed on our website and tagged on the NESA Course Register.

NESA endorsed Providers should note that currently, there are no validation requirements for teachers undertaking Refresher courses. Teachers keep their own Refresher course records eg certificates of course completion.

More information

Please email or call the Professional Learning team on 02 9367 8291.

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