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New PD Providers

Information for organisations seeking endorsement or seeking to broaden their scope of endorsement.

Select an endorsement category

Before applying to become an endorsed provider, you need to decide about the scope of endorsement you require. In the application form you need to fill in the following:

Category of Endorsement

Please indicate the category of endorsement you are seeking.

CATEGORY 1 ENDORSEMENT: scope covers particular course/s offered at a specific Career Stage

CATEGORY 2 ENDORSEMENT: scope covers specific standards or standard descriptors within a specific Career Stage

FIELD: this is a condition placed on the scope of endorsement that recognises a distinct field or orientation that defines the way a scope of endorsement may be used.

Field area (please specify):

Category 1 endorsement

This is a course specific endorsement. The scope of endorsement will state specific courses with specific names, mapped to specific standard descriptors from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

Here’s an example of Category 1 endorsement:


The period of endorsement for Sport in Primary Schools is for 5 years from 16 November 2017 to 15 November 2022

Career Stage

Proficient Teacher


Sporting Games will contribute 2 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 3.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW

If you are a provider offering a small number of courses or if you have a few courses that you wish to get on your scope of endorsement as soon as possible, a Category 1 endorsement might suit your business purposes. Category 1 applications are lower risk and are treated accordingly when providers seek NESA endorsement.

Some providers choose to build up their scope of endorsement via a number of applications and apply for a Category 1 endorsement in the first instance.

Category 2 endorsement

A Category 2 endorsement is a broad endorsement based on standards and/or descriptors from the APST. With a Category 2 endorsement, the NESA endorsed provider can use applicable standards and/or descriptors in their scope of endorsement for any courses they wish to deliver during their 5 year endorsement period.

As providers begin to map their courses to the APST descriptors, it may become clear that all their courses map to particular descriptors or the descriptors in their course mapping come from particular standards. In these cases, a Category 2 endorsement may be suitable.

Rules around the course samples (Representative Sample of Courses – see application form) are in place for a Category 2 endorsement.

APST Descriptor-based endorsement – submit a Representative Sample of at least 3 courses. To be eligible for a descriptor-based endorsement, the Representative Sample of Courses must present the target descriptors in at least 3 different courses.

APST standard-based endorsement - Representative Sample of Courses of at least 5 courses. Using at least 3 descriptors from an APST standard across 3 different courses makes you eligible for a Standard-based endorsement, if your application is successful.

APST standard-based endorsements are higher risk and are assessed accordingly.

Here’s an example of a Category 2 endorsement:


The period of endorsement for Gadigal Now is for 5 years from 16 November 2017 to 15 November 2022

Career Stage

Proficient Teacher


Standard 7



1.4.2 and 2.4.2

The table shows that this provider is able to deliver NESA Registered courses for Standard 7 and Standard Descriptors 1.4.2 and 2.4.2. The provider is able to develop and deliver courses in the future within that scope of endorsement.


Some providers focus on particular specialised areas or subjects. For example various providers that specialise in Science professional development for teachers have the field Science defined on their scope of endorsement.

When a provider specialises in a particular area, the field is specified on their scope of endorsement to ensure courses are delivered in the field of specialisation only.

Match courses to accreditation level

Providers must align their professional learning offering with one or more of the three levels of teacher accreditation outlined in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers when applying for endorsement to deliver NESA Registered Professional Development (PD). A separate application for each teacher accreditation level you are seeking endorsement for is needed. 

The three levels of accreditation are:

Proficient Teacher

Proficient Teachers must meet the requirements for accreditation by demonstrating achievement of all of the Standard Descriptors at this level. These teachers create effective teaching and learning experiences for their students. They design and implement engaging teaching programs that meet curriculum, assessment and reporting requirements. Proficient Teachers use a range of sources, including student results, to evaluate their teaching and to adjust their programs to better meet student needs.

Highly Accomplished Teacher 

Highly Accomplished Teacher accreditation recognises highly-skilled teachers who routinely work to improve their practice and are knowledgeable and active members of their school. Highly Accomplished teachers typically have roles that guide or advise others and regularly initiate and engage in discussions about effective teaching to improve the educational outcomes for their students. Accreditation at this level is voluntary.

Lead Teacher 

Lead Teacher accreditation recognises exemplary teachers who have demonstrated consistent practice and are well-respected by colleagues, parents/carers and the community. Lead Teachers typically represent the school and the teaching profession in the community and are known for initiating and leading activities that focus on improving educational opportunities for students and for inspiring colleagues to improve their own professional practice. Accreditation at this level is voluntary.

How to apply

A separate application must be submitted for each accreditation level you are seeking endorsement for. Read How to prepare and submit an application.

More information

To discuss your application and book into an information session, please email or call the Professional Learning team on 1300 739 338.

How to prepare and submit an application

To apply to become an endorsed provider of NESA Registered Professional Development (PD), you need to follow a submission process that involves supplying evidence of course programs and meeting the various criteria.

Prior to submission

  1. Download the application form (see below)
  2. Read the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  3. Select a provider endorsement category
  4. Understand the different teacher accreditation levels
  5. Call the Professional Learning team on 1300 739 338 to book in to attend an information session for providers applying for endorsement.

Application Forms

New PD Providers who are seeking endorsement must download the form:

Existing Providers who are seeking to expand their scope of endorsement must download the form:

Submit your application

Once you have prepared your application, you need to submit it when you are ready.

NESA requires Provider applications to be submitted as PDF Files (soft copy).

You will need to contact a NESA Professional Learning policy officer on 1300 739 338 or to receive a file transfer link to submit your application.

What happens next?

  1. Your application will be assessed
  2. NESA will inform you of the outcome of your application
  3. Successful notification will include an Endorsed Provider Manual and Promotional Guidelines which detail your obligations as an endorsed provider of NESA Registered PD
  4. Successful providers will also receive an invitation to attend a NESA newly endorsed provider information session.

Please note courses may only be promoted as NESA Registered PD following receipt of written advice of your endorsement from NESA. 

Under no circumstances should courses be promoted as pending endorsement or pending
NESA Registration.

More information

Please email or call the Professional Learning team on 1300 739 338.

The approval process

Applications to become an endorsed provider of NESA Registered Professional Development (PD) are assessed against the endorsement criteria.

Notification of endorsement will be forwarded to the PD provider which includes:

  • the scope of endorsement and endorsement period;
  • advertising guidelines related to the use of the NESA mark of registration;
  • information about an endorsed provider’s ongoing obligations to maintain the endorsement criteria throughout the period of endorsement;
  • details about the administrative obligations of endorsed providers particularly; uploading courses and participation data to the NESA online register; and
  • an invitation to attend a newly endorsed provider information session.
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