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Your accreditation

Accreditation celebrates quality teaching and inspirational teachers. It means that teachers must have a teaching qualification, meet quality standards and keep up to date.

From 1 January 2018 all teachers must be accredited by NESA to start, continue, or return to teaching in a school or early childhood service in NSW.

To start or return to work as a teacher in NSW, you must be provisionally or conditionally accredited. Then you will need to achieve and maintain Proficient Teacher Accreditation to continue to teach.

Future teachers

Are you considering teaching as a profession?  There are a number of ways to become a primary or a high (secondary) school or early childhood teacher in NSW.

Preparing quality teachers requires quality initial teacher education (ITE) programs. NESA accredits all teaching degrees. This includes setting pre-requisites for admission to four year degrees and graduate entry teaching degrees.

There are many higher education providers of teaching degrees in Australia. If you are a considering a teaching career you need to find an accredited program that suits your needs.

More information for future teachers.

Pre-2004 school teachers

From 1 January 2018 all teachers, must be accredited to start, continue or return to teaching in a NSW school. This includes anyone who started teaching prior to 2004. A simple 3 step process has been developed to for pre-2004 teachers to be accredited at the required level to comply with the mandatory requirements.

More information for pre-2004 teachers.

Casual or part-time teachers

If you are a casual or part-time teacher in NSW you must meet the same mandatory accreditation requirements as fully employed teachers however you will have more time to meet your accreditation requirements.

More information for Casual or Part-time teachers.

Early childhood teachers (ECT)

If you are an early childhood teacher you must be accredited to work in an approved NSW early childhood education and care service or school.

Early childhood teachers (ECT) with approved, recognised childhood teaching qualifications should first apply to be provisionally accredited. Once provisionally or conditionally accredited, they need to work towards Proficient Teacher accreditation to be achieved over a set timeframe.

More information for Early Childhood Teachers.

Interstate teachers

Are you planning on moving to NSW from another State or Territory? If so you will need to be provisionally or conditionally accredited by NESA. To start the application process, you will need to create an online account, complete a form and provide documented evidence of teacher registration from another State or Territory.

More information for interstate teachers.

Overseas teachers

Are you moving to NSW from overseas? Teachers from overseas wishing to teach in NSW, will need to get their academic qualifications assessed, and be provisionally or conditionally accredited by NESA first. You may also need to do an English language proficiency test before you can be accredited.

More information for overseas teachers.

Returning teachers

Have you had a break away from teaching? Teachers returning to teach after a break of five years or more follow a similar accreditation process as new teachers, teachers from overseas or interstate. The first step is to apply for Provisional or Conditional accreditation.

More on accreditation for returning teachers.

Refresher courses

Teachers returning to teach in NSW after five or more years away from teaching or coming to teach from overseas, have to complete a minimum number of hours of Refresher Courses in the first year of provisional accreditation.

Read more on Refresher Courses



Need more information?

Teacher Accreditation Support Line

1300 739 338
If calling from overseas: +61 2 9268 6300
Fax: +61 2 8362 9098


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