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Teachers, TAAs, supervisors, principals, PD delegates, referees, External Observers and endorsed professional development (PD) providers can log in to complete accreditation tasks, such as apply for provisional or conditional accreditation, find, register and validate PD  courses, apply for a leave of absence and pay fees.

Login for teachers, TAAs, supervisors, principals PD delegates, referees and External Observers

Login for endorsed PD providers

Create an account

Future teachers, teachers, principals, supervisors, PD delegates and TAAs need to create an account to access the online account tool after completing an online form. Endorsed PD providers are provided with their user name and password in their letter of endorsement. 

Create a login

Forgotten your user name or password?

You can recover your user name and password by providing your NESA Teacher Number.

Recover your user name or password

Manage my account

Moved or changed your name? Don’t forget to let us know and to regularly log in to your online account to keep track of your accreditation details and make sure it is current. 

Changed your name?

Notify NESA by sending a certified copy of proof of your name change e.g. your marriage certificate or deed poll to: PO Box A976 SYDNEY SOUTH NSW 1235

Changed your address, phone number or job?

Log in to your online to update these details. Once logged in you can also:

  • Check your accreditation status and timeframe
  • Check your payment history
  • Pay your fee online
  • Apply for a leave of absence.

Teachers maintaining their accreditation can also:

  • Find QTC registered professional development (PD) courses
  • Add any teacher identified PD you have completed
  • Keep track of your PD, including hours completed and which Australian Professional Standards for Teachers you have covered
  • Pay your preliminary assessment or application fee for voluntary higher level accreditation.

Login help

We recommend accessing the online account tool using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 (in compatibility mode) with pop-up blockers disabled.

Recommended browsers

Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 in compatibility mode to avoid technical issues when accessing the online account tool.   Firefox and Safari are not supported.

Disable pop-up blockers in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar at top right hand side. image of Chrome menu icon
  3. Select Settings. 
    image showing Chrome settings menu
  4. Click Show advanced settings.
    image showing Chrome advanced settings menu
  5. In the Privacy section, click the Content settings button.
  6. In the Pop-ups section, select Allow all sites to show pop-ups. Customise permissions for specific websites by clicking Manage exceptions.
    detail of Chrome manage popups menu
  7. Click on Done.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer 10.
  2. Click the Tools button at the top of the browser window.
    Internet Explorer 10 tools menu
  3. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
  4. Click the Privacy tab in the Internet Options pop-up window.
  5. Clear the check mark next to "Turn on Pop-Up Blocker" so that it is unselected (see below Figure).
    Internet options menu, showing privacy tab
  6. Click OK.

Turn on compatibility mode when using Internet Explorer 10

To avoid technical issues when accessing the online account tool using Internet Explorer 10, you need to add the “’ domain as a Compatibility View safe website.

  1. Open Internet Explorer 10.
  2. Press Alt on your keyboard.
  3. Select Tools.
  4. Select Compatibility View Settings.
  5. Add “” to the space provided and press Add. 
  6. Close all open windows and restart Internet Explorer.


Click the “Broken Page” (below) in the right hand side of your address bar when you encounter the error.

broken image / compatability view icon in internet explorer address bar

If you continue to experience technical issues please email us at or phone 1300 739 338.

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