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Accreditation ensures teachers keep up to date and continuously develop to improve student achievement. Participating in professional development (PD) is an important part of teacher accreditation. To support teachers, endorsed providers offer courses that address the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at one or more of the accreditation levels. These courses are known as NESA Registered courses.

Teachers working towards Proficient Teacher Accreditation, who hold Provisional or Conditional accreditation are encouraged to undertake PD. These activities can contribute as evidence towards Proficient Teacher Accreditation. However, there is no requirement to record these on the online account tool.

  • Completing PD is a requirement for maintaining accreditation at Proficient Teacher, Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher Accreditation
  • Teachers can attend courses relevant to any level of accreditation. However only courses at your level or above will count towards maintaining your accreditation.

Find NESA Registered PD courses

  1. Log into your online account. You will need your username and password. Forgot your password?
  2. Click on the 'Teacher' tab at the top
  3. Choose ‘Professional Development’ from the options below
  4. Select 'Find NESA Registered Professional Development'
  5. You can search courses on the basis of course titles, providers, career stages and keywords
  6. Clicking 'Advanced Options' will allow you to search for courses that match additional criteria.

See PD requirements for maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation.

See PD requirements for maintaining Highly Accomplished OR Lead Teacher Accreditation.

Read the Identifying NESA Registered Professional Development flyer (PDF 159 KB).

Endorsed providers in areas of interest

Find a list of Providers who deliver registered courses in Student Engagement here.

Record your PD

As a teacher maintaining accreditation at Proficient, Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher, you are responsible for recording your PD  (or checking it has been recorded by providers) and evaluating courses you have logged .

More about recording your PD.

Check your PD has been validated

As a teacher maintaining accreditation, your PD must be validated. There are different ways PD is validated, depending on whether it is NESA Registered or Teacher Identified PD.

More about checking PD is validated.

More information

If you have any questions please email us at or phone 1300 739 338 (within Australia).

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