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Your Accreditation report

The final step to getting Accreditation at Proficient Teacher level involves submission of an Accreditation Report. Your supervisor or principal/service director writes this report when they see you are demonstrating the Standards, and with samples of your annotated work as evidence, submits them to the Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA). Once the TAA has made the decision about your accreditation, the Accreditation Report and evidence are provided to the NESA (previously BOSTES).

The report’s purpose

The aim of the Accreditation Report is to make sure your achievement of the Standards, illustrated by the evidence you have collected and annotated, is supported by someone at your school/service, who has a good knowledge of your teaching practice. The complex nature of teaching and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers make the report a central part of the process. It complements the evidence you have selected and represents wider aspects of your practice that cannot be viewed simply in documentation or annotation.

Who writes the report?

The Accreditation Report is written by your supervisor who knows your practice and can attest to your consistent achievement of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in your teaching. The Proficient Teacher Accreditation Report template (PDF 565 KB) is available to be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat.

The role of the supervisor varies between schools/services and sectors. They should be an experienced teacher who is able to supervise and provide feedback on your practice against the Standards, allowing you to develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher.

The Report needs to be signed by you, your supervisor and your principal/service director before being submitted to the TAA.

Download an Accreditation Report template

The Accreditation report is completed by your supervisor. The Proficient Teacher Accreditation Report Template (PDF 565 KB) can be downloaded and completed using Adobe Acrobat. A free copy of Acrobat Reader is available from Using other PDF software may result in your supervisor experiencing issues when completing the Accreditation report.

Information for your supervisor about writing an Accreditation Report.

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