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Evidence of practice

The path to the mandatory Proficient Teacher accreditation involves you:

  • demonstrating the Standard Descriptors at that level detailed in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • gathering and annotating evidence of your practice

The final step requires your Supervisor writing the Accreditation Report and submitting it with your annotated evidence, to your TAA who makes the final accreditation decision.

Collecting evidence

Once you understand the Proficient Teacher Standard Descriptors, then you can start to collect evidence of practice. The evidence you collect should:

  • be against the Proficient Teacher Standards in the APST
  • demonstrate wise selection that consistently demonstrates the Standard Descriptors which promote quality teaching
  • be drawn from your everyday teaching practice.

When collecting your evidence, keep in mind that:

  • you don’t need documentary evidence against all the Standard Descriptors at Proficient Teacher
  • you need to select appropriate evidence against at least one of the Standard Descriptors for each of the seven Standards
  • one item of evidence can be used to demonstrate more than one Standard Descriptor.

More on collecting evidence.

Annotating evidence

Once you’ve selected examples of evidence of practice, they need to be annotated to explain to your TAA how they demonstrate your Proficient Teacher practice.

Your annotations:

  • show how each of the selected evidence links to the Standard Descriptors
  • reveal your understanding of the Standard Descriptors and how you’ve successfully integrated them into your teaching practice.

More on annotating evidence.

Your collected samples, the annotated descriptions as well as your ongoing practice, will be used to inform your supervising teacher in their recommendation about your accreditation, and in the submission of your Accreditation Report.

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