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Once you have been provisionally or conditionally accredited by NESA (previously BOSTES), you can apply for teaching jobs in NSW with either :

  • Department of Education
  • a Catholic school
  • an independent school.

Employment options for teachers

  • Independent and private schools (primary and high schools)
    You can apply to work at an independent school by contacting the school directly

Generally non-government schools advertise vacancies in the local newspaper, on their website or on employment websites.

Apply for Provisional or Conditional Accreditation

The first step to accreditation is to apply for Provisional or Conditional Accreditation.  This is done online and by posting us your academic qualifications and other supporting documents -ideally before you start applying for teaching positions. NESA will confirm your accreditation level and give specific advice on subjects for which you would be approved to teach on appointment to a permanent position in a NSW public school.

How to get Provisional or Conditional Accreditation

Read the document checklist

Get accreditation for the first time

Once you have been provisionally or conditionally accredited you may work as a teacher in a NSW school.

How to get accreditation for the first time

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